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ペットと一緒にとびっきりの笑顔を撮ってREPLUS商品を当てよう!! REPLUSでは、かけがえのないペットと一緒にいる時の笑顔を見せて頂きたい! また、その笑顔を世界に配信して世界中の皆を笑顔にしたい! そんな単純な思いからSmileContestを開催しました。

ルールは簡単。ペットと一緒にとびっきりの笑顔で写真を撮り、 REPLUS会員登録をし、アップロードするだけ。 SmileContestを見られた方が、良いと思ったスマイルに投票をし、開催期間内に 最も多く投票数を獲得された方に、REPLUS商品が当たる。

投票するには特に登録など必要ありません。 投票は複数可能ですが、システムの関係上1ネットワークで1枚の写真に1回の 投票しか出来なくなっています。

より多くの方にSmileをシェアしてください。 mixi、facebook、twitter、google+のSNSをご用意しています。 より多くの方に元気になるSmileを見て頂ければ、REPLUSが社会貢献に少しは 役に立ったこととなります。









Contest 日本語はこちら

Show the world how happy you are with your pet and win a REPLUS product!! All you need to do is to take a picture with your favorite pet having the biggest smile you can put on your face. Upload that picture and let us share that smile to the world to make everybody happy.

Here is the rule:
Take a picture, upload it from our REGISTRATION site. Registration to our site will be needed. Go to the registration site, enter the required infromation, upload the picture and your ready to go. We will check the pictures and publish them on the Smile Contest site. The picture with the most votes will win a REPLUS product. To vote, go to the Smile Contest site and vote on the picture you think is nice. You may vote for more then one picture.

You don't need to register to vote, so tell your family and friends.

You may share your picture or the picture you think is nice by using Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Mixi. Let's show the world how happy and important pets are to us, and let's make the world a happier place to live.

How to upload your picture

First, please register from our Registration site.


After you have registered, go to MyPage and input your name, nickname, comment and a picture of a smile with your favorite pet.
We will check the uploaded picture and publish them on our Smile Contest site.
A few days will be needed to publish the pictures.

We are hoping to recieve a lot of smiles from our friends around the world.

Contest Period

Jan. 7 thru 31, 2012

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